Pork stew

Hi Sweethearts

This recipe always reminds me of my grandma.She was the Queen of stews.And the gravy was always my favorite part.

You need:
500 gr pork meat cut into chunks
100 gr pumpkin (diced)
2 carrots (diced)
2 onions (cut into chunks)
10 cherry tomatoes (cut a little slit into them)
200 gr mushrooms (I couldn't get my hands on fresh mushrooms,so I used canned)
150 ml white whine ( I used Chardonnay-Roditis by Domaine Gioulis )
2 liters beef stock
200 gr baby potatoes (peeled,cut into chunks)
200 ml cream (I used vegetable based)
fresh chopped parsley
olive oil

in a big pot seal the meat at a high temperature in olive oil until the meat has some color.Add the whine and the vegetables (except for the potatoes) and season well.Add the stock.
In a separate pot,boil the potatoes until soft.
Let the stew simmer for 30-40 min.If needed add more water.Once the gravy starts to reduce,add the boiled potatoes and mushrooms.
Taste again and season if needed.
At the end add the cream and the parsley and serve.

I ate my stew with left over loaded mash.

Huggies <3

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