Gourmet Jello shots with Tequila


Everybody loves Jello shots.Well the idea is great but I always thought there is more potential in a jello shot.So I thought of making a Jello Cocktail.

You need
2 pck of Jello (any flavor will do,you can also use 2 flavors)
Water as required on your jello package instructions,only that you have to take 1/2 the water,cuz it will be replaced by cool whip and Tequila
1 cup white Tequila (chilled)
1 cup cool whip
plastic cups,plastic spoons

Ok prepare your Jellos according to the instructions on the package with only half the water and let it cool down to room temperature.Split the Jello into two bowls.
In one bowl you are going to whisk in the tequila and in the other bowl you will mix in the cool whip and whisk well.
First fill the Jello Tequila Mix in the plastic cup and then add the cool whip mix on top.
Chill for 3-4 hours and let the party begin.
Especially for women-parties these Jello Cocktails are perfect.


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