Bye Bye French Tip!!!!Hello Goth Tip

Be Greeted fellow Goths!

I love nail art,but I can't afford to get my nails done.And those nail-ladies can be a bit annoying talking endlessly about useeeeeeless stuff.And except for a black french tip,there is nothing that a goth girl would wear.
So I started to do my own nail art.It is far from perfect,but hey at least I try.
 You need:
hydrating base coat
silver metallic nailpolish
black nailpolish
green nailpolish
red nailpolish
top coat
thin nail art brush
tooth pick

First you apply your base coat to protect your nails.Never ever skip that step.Then you paint a normal silver french tip (2 coats to make the color stand out).
Now take your nail art brush and paint little triangles that go downwards with your silver nail polish.2 coats again so it matches with the french tip.
Now take a toothpick and place little red dots on the silver.Let dry for 10 min.
With the other end of the toothpick place some green dots on the red ones to give them a little "oomph".

The last step is the most difficult.
Outline your silver triangles and drag the line down a bit to give the nail design a little goth lift.
Apply a top coat-Done!

As you can see my nail art is so far from being perfect.The lines are still shaky.
But you get the idea!

Goth Kisses

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