Easy Nail Art Deco


I love nail art!
But I dislike the fact that my right hand nail art turns out looking like the paintings of a 2 year old...
A lot of people told me that it only takes practice,but to tell you the truth I think my left hand is just shaky and it didn't become less shaky in a year of practice.
The alternative is to buy those little nail art thingies from the drugstore or from nail art supply,which is kind of expensive.
The drugstore doesn't have anything that a Goth girl would wear.
So I came up with this funny idea,which turned out to be quite a solution to my problem.

Here we go !
You need :
Any color of nail polishes you like.
a clear nail polish
a sharpened pencil
a glass/bowl
plastic wrap/cling film/cling wrap
rubber band
patience =))

Step one.take your bowl  and cover the opening of the bowl with plastic wrap.Slightly pull it,so the surface is bump free.
Now tighten it with a rubber band or an elastic.
Apply a very thin coat of clear nail polish all over the surface and let it dry for 1 hour.
The plastic wrap will wrinkle as soon as the nail polish touches it,but don't worry as soon as it dries the surface will be smooth again.

Let's proceed to the artistic part of this tutorial.
Take your pencil and get all the nail polish colors ready.
I recommend to cover your working space with a newspaper,so it won't get messy.
Pick up some color with the pencil and without applying any pressure you start painting whatever you like.
The photos are actually taken on my first try *lol*
I am sure your designs will be more inspiring than mine *lol*

Let your design dry for 2 hours.
Now you can cut out your little designs roughly.Once you get them separated cut them out more precisely.

To put those little things on your nail,simply pick up a small drop of clear polish and place it on your nail.
It should be in the desired location for your nail art deco.Now pick up the deco with your finger (the nailpolish side upwards) and place it on your nail.With a q-tip smooth out the wrinkles and apply two coats of clear nail polish or your favorite top coat.

 Be creative!Create glitter stripes that you can use to spice up you french manicure,ornaments,flowers,words,symbols.....


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