Cough syrup homemade

Remember when I was blah-blahing about eating more veggies to avoid the seasonal flu?
Well well well,I have to admit that this strategy did not work.I am sick.Woohoo.
So I was coughing all day and night with no rest,so I thought I would try a homemade remedy.
I actually forgot who gave me the recipe though :S

You need :
30 gr dried thyme
20 gr dried sage
10 gr dried mint
200 gr honey (I used thyme honey)
1 shotglass ouzo,absinthe,sambuca (whatever anise booze u can find)
the juice of 1 lemon
optional : 1 teaspoon dehydrated blackcurrant/strawberry/raspberry
400 ml water
a coffee filter

Mix the herbs,water and the lemon juice in a saucepan and bring it to a boil.After,let it simmer on low heat for 5 min.
Filter the mixture with the help of a coffee filter and clean the saucepan.
Pour the lemon-herb tea in the saucepan and heat (not boil) the mix a bit.
Slowly stir in the honey and the booze.
Fill in a super clean dark bottle and label it with the production date.
This mix can be kept in the fridge for four weeks.

Important: This recipe does not replace a doctors visit.If you are suffering from a cough for too many days,please visit a doctor.
Children should NOT drink this syrup,because it has alcohol in it.
I am not responsible for any unwanted reactions or allergies.

Chinchillachannel258,who's cough is a bit better thanks to the syrup.

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