Ravioli soup with winter vegetables

I hate to throw away food.....I feel so bad when I throw away food just because I don't like the taste.
So today was the day to somehow use the awful frozen mixed veggies that I had bought.
The peas are very overpowering and that gives you only a few options.
So I tried a ravioli soup and it was very yummy.

You need:
2 portions of fresh ravioli.(The dried would work too,but their filling tastes like old stinky socks.
1/2 onion chopped
2 carrots sliced
a handful frozen mixed veggies
2 tablespoons of Butter/margarine
500 ml chicken/beef/vegetable stock (I used beef)
some celery leaves chopped
some parsley leaves chopped

Bring the stock to a boil and add the veggies and the butter.Let it boil for 15 min and add the fresh ravioli.Mine take 4 min to cook,but that depends...better check the package of the ravioli.

And that is basically it :))
So this is another very quick meal.

Frozen veggies have a bad reputation,but they sometimes contain more vitamins than fresh veggies.The veggies are shock frosted right after the harvest and fresh veggies first have to travel to reach the supermarket.


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