Beauty secrets........^^ The inexpensive ones :P

I am always shocked when I see the prices of some beauty products.They are totally over the top sometimes.
Sure,if I had the money,I would probably buy them,but there is a way to stay fresh,clean and pretty without robbing a bank.

1.Homemade sugar scrub:

You need a tablespoon of sugar,some liquid soap that you usually use for your face and a drop of olive oil.Mix the sugar with one dose of soap (1 teaspoon) and a drop of olive oil.Put it on your face and spread it well in circular motions.
Now 'scrub' your face softly and wash the sugar scrub off with a lot of clear water.
Your face will be exfoliated,clean and pretty.If you want you can apply moisturizer after.

2.Removing your make up
It is very very important to remove your make up,because going to sleep with make up will instantly add some months of aging to your face,especially to the eyes.
The secret for a good make up remover is a combination of oil,water and emulsifier.
Let's see what item in the bathroom has those ingredients????? Right! Moisturizer.
Take a baby tissue (I use the sensitive ones with a neutral ph),put a teaspoon of moisturizer on it and spread the moisturizer.
Remove your make up and wash your face with soap and water.

3.Stop pulling and tucking your eyes already!
When you remove your make up,or when you apply it,you should never ever pull or somehow stretch your eyelids.
This will lead to premature aging/sagging.
I didn't know about that tip for a long time.And believe me,I was the queen of pulling my eyelids when it came to applying eyeliner or eyeshadow.I rubbed my eyelids so hard when I removed my eye make up......*dang* and now I have to live with the first four wrinkles under my eye.*sigh*

4.Let your skin breathe!!!
Well all the make up companies claim,that their make up won't close the pores and bla bla bla!
Make up won't allow your skin to breathe.
So if you are home alone,just remove it to give your skin downtime.
I remove my make up about 2-3 hours before I go to bed.

5.Touching your face in public places......*yuck*
We all know that germs are everywhere.Germs and bacteria cause pimples,blackheads and spots and we all hate them.
So when you don't have a chance to wash your hands,try to avoid to touch your face,because each time you touch a surface and then your face,you transfer germs right in ya face.
This is a matter of getting used to it.But you will see that your skin will improve.
Now in times of swine flu you should not do it anyway.

6.Sparkling water *burp*
Put some sparkling water on a clean(!!!) make up sponge or a clean towel and make your face wet a bit.
Now quickly apply a good amount of moisturizer and go to sleep.Your face will get an extra dose of minerals and it will be deeply moisturized.

7.Hot water-cold water

When you wet your face before applying your soap,you should do it with hot water,so the pores will open.To wash off the soap you should use ice cold water,so they close again.

8.Swollen eyes in the morning?
Yeah I know,almost all women hate their morning face.
I don't even bother looking at it before I brushed my teeth.*LOL*
There is a instant trick how to get rid of those puffy eyes in 1 minute.
You should always have two metal teaspoons in your freezer.
Put them on your puffy eyes for one minute and voila they are gone.
This also works for those ugly eyes after crying.

9.Yogurt and honey
Mix two part of yogurt and one part honey.Apply it on a clean face/neck/chest
and leave it on for 20 min.Wash it off with warm water and moisturize right after.
This works better than so many of those expensive facial masks.

10.Love your face no matter what.
I know this one sounds a bit stupid,but it is true.Everybody has imperfections in his/her face.But we have to deal with them.I mean,hey that's what make up is for.
I have pimples on my forehead and huge pores on my nose.But I can't change it,unless I do some kind of expensive treatment.

These are the things I use......
I don't take any responsibility for allergies,rashes,unwanted reactions.


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