My current top 10 songs

1.Cradle of Filth- Hallowed be thy name (Iron Maiden cover)
What can I say?This song is so nice and combines great guitars and vocals.I think that Cradle of Filth interprets the emotion of the song better.

2.Eisleben-Tanz die Illusion
This is the ultimate Goth party song."Dance the illusion,dance it hard and monotonic!"
I actually don't know why I love this song so much >>

3.Deathstars -Synthetic Generation
Ow Ow this drumming is just so cool.And the video is so weird,that it is almost brilliant.
Deathstars are a great band, but I somehow prefer their older songs.

4.Marilyn Manson -Deathsong
Manson has a great way of criticize things.His way of expressing a generations vibe is genius.This is somehow the goth version of "smells like teenspirit"

5.The 69 eyes -Call me
Woohooo another party song.I am not a big fan of 80's popular music,but this version is just too cool.

6.Rammstein -Keine Lust
This song glorifies laziness *LOL* well kind of....
It is funny how this song makes you wanna nod your head.

7.The 69 eyes -Sister of charity
Merry Gothic X-Mas ! Ho Ho Ho.
I think it is a very melodic song with beautiful metaphors.The bells are a bit cheezy,but hey it is for a charity purpose.

8.Cradle of Filth -Nymphetamine
If those chicks wouldn't howl at the beginning of the song,I would have placed it on a higher ranking.But both female and male vocals/grunts/growls/ are just very pretty.

9.Jeff Loomis -Miles of Machines
I like this song,because you can listen to it while reading,without being disturbed by vocals.I just learned about this artist some days ago.So I cannot judge yet.

10.Eric Cartman -Pokerface
Cartman totally beats Lady Gaga with this song.He should be called Epic Cartman instead of Eric.He is brilliant!He should make a cd!



  1. Chère, love your taste in music. And I absolutely adore your blog. Keep the posts coming. X

  2. Thank you! <3 And thanks for becoming a follower! <3

  3. Eric Cartman could beat any celebrity^^
    That kid has some serious talent

    Awesome song list

  4. Yeah! Cartman for president!

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes this kind of music in the Goth scene, too. MM's music is not Goth -- I hate that rant -- but I absolutely adore the man!

    The 60 Eyes brought back some memories, too.


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