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Hi dolls

If you are the only person who eats garlic in your household,we share a common problem: You buy a whole bulb of garlic and you end up throwing it away because you can't use it up quick enough or it has started to sprout.
In our local food store they sell those appetizing jars of garlic in oil for a huge load of money,but they gave me the idea to try to preserve garlic my way.

You need:
1 bulb of garlic or more (peeled)
olive oil
chilli flakes
cheap vinegar
laurel leafs/bay leafs
optional :a twig of rosemary or thyme
airtight jars/bottles
bamboo skewer

Place your peeled garlic cloves and 5-10 laurel leafs (rosemary) in a small pot cover them with vinegar.Bring to a boil and let it boil on high heat for 7 minutes.
Meanwhile add about a teaspoon of peppercorns and chilli flakes in each jar.
Once the garlic is done,drain the vinegar and let the garlic and spices cool for 10 minutes.Now put the garlic cloves on a bamboo skewer,cut the skewer,so it will fit into the jar and place the laurel leafs in the jar.
Now just fill up the whole jar with olive oil and you will have amazing garlic on a skewer (for the easiness of taking it out of the oil).Once you have used up the garlic,don't throw away the oil,because the oil has absorbed all the amazing flavors.The oil can be used for garlic bread,salads,pasta and soups to add a kick of aromatic freshness.
The preserved garlic can be used just like fresh garlic :)
This also makes an awesome gift,especially in a bottle.(and not in an ugly jam-jar like mine )

Huggies and Happy Preserving



  1. Anonymous23:49

    Thanks for this! Ed and I are going to a huge garlic festival in Saugerties, NY -- The Hudson Valley Garlic Festival -- at the end of September. I know that I won't be able to resist buying tons of garlic and I will need to preserve it. I'm also looking into garlic jelly (like onion jelly), etc. This oil idea is awesome.

    Hugs from NYC!

  2. Garlic jelly sounds interesting.Thank you for stopping by


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