Tip of the day: Maximum moisture

Some areas of our face can be dry sometimes and caking on layers and layers of moisturizer just wont do the job.Especially around the eyes this is not a great idea;oily skin types also should avoid this.
So how can we give our skin a extra kick of moisture without spending hardly any money?
Simply splash/spray/mist your face with bottled water or dab it around your eyes.Immediately apply your moisturizer/eye cream after.

If you want to spoil yourself,use rose water,orange blossom water or mineral water on your skin and if you are more a DIY kinda gal,use chamomile,green,rooibos tea :)
Of course you don't want your face dripping wet.


  1. great post~~~~thx for the tips~~~

  2. Good idea!! My sister had some dry areas around nose and mouth the other day, I'll tell her to try it! Thanks :)

  3. Hi girl! You got a lovely blog there ;)

    I do the same thing, morning&night- when my face is still wet from my toner, I go straight to moisturiser. Works brilliantly for me, so I'm never going back to just using moisturiser!

  4. @Jessy: Thank you doll <3
    @Natalie: Greetings to your sis :)
    @Cbsg: Thanks doll,I've been silently following your blog for a while.
    I should try that with toner,thanks for the tip


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