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Hi dollies

I think I found a new favorite thing: Focus more on the skin and keep the eye neutral,yet goth.
A stunning complexion with the right amount of highlights,not too matte and not too dewy, a hint of blush and proper contouring is something really cool.
So I kept the eye simple and used just two eyeshadows,and a heavy black eyeliner paired with white eyeliner on the bottom water line.
I think if I tone down the eyeliner wing big times,this look would be great for work.
On the other took me 20 minutes to get a perfect complexion.(Not to mention the amount of products :D)

I still like my white goth face,but since I am not a teen anymore I can't wear it 24/7 especially on those occasions where you want to look stunning in pictures.
And the white powder really flattens the face on picture.

Here is the look:

Have a great start into the new week!


  1. That eye liner is so fierce! Nice job!

  2. Love the liner! And getting perfect complexion does take a lot of work!

  3. Gorgeous eye makeup, as always! :)
    Your complexion is beautiful & I agree that it takes a lot of stuff to look flawless. I'm always looking for something to help me skip a step :)

  4. @make up: Thanks doll <3
    @Peach: Thank god for our little helpers (products)
    @Leslie : Thank you doll,well without make up my complexion is very patchy.Yeah things to skip a step are great

  5. Yes, spending half an hour to make me look like I have no makeup on but the perfect skin.

  6. I have approximately a bajillion foundation products I have to use to get the face right.

    Doesn't help that my skin's weird and different-coloured everywhere.

    Cute eye-look, though. I need a good liquid liner.

  7. @Nat : <3 Yeah
    @Kitty: There should be a 10 in one.Any water proof eyeliner with a brush applicator works just fine :)

  8. I quite like the ones that are liquid, but have a felt-tip and work like a pen.

    I think my problem is, I'm too cheap. I'm willing to buy two things that cost nine dollars each, but if I see an eyeliner for eighteen dollars, I'm all, "ripoff expensive crap!"

    I think it's because the best eyeliners I've ever had were from the bottom of clearance bins for two bucks, or those ones from the cut-price cosmetics store for two for four dollars.


Thank you for commenting,I love to read your comments dolls!

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