10 Things of today

1.Sometimes we let people walk all over us just to not cause any quarrels and fights.Bad decision.....I am guilty of this today and even 20 Swedish meatballs didn't make this situation any better.BUT as long as we learn from it,it's okay. The meatballs were great
2.Blogger is amazing.So many great blogs,people,inspirations and information!
3.There were ladies in front of the supermarket giving out gift vouchers for a free facial.Of course I signed up,but then at home I thought about a random lady rubbing my face with yogurt while talking endlessly.......Canceled the appointment!
4.Why do animals have such a good judgement of who to trust and who to avoid? From now on people will have to be pet-approved if they want to set foot in here.And now my chinchilla will give me the "told you so!" stare the whole night......
5.Did you know that when you eat really really hot chili peppers that you can't use your vocal chords for a moment? I think sitting in a pit full of ants is more pleasant than this frigging chili I tried.Yeah.....very smart move.
6.I didn't consume any cheerios in the last 10 years and today I got a little sample size....No milk .....it felt like eating dry cat food. X_X
7.Sleeping early once again failed due to thought-overload.I shall listen to some relaxing music on youtube,drink a relaxing chai and try again.
8.Tomorrow will be a very hard day.But I am ready:I have chocolate,death metal and a jar of nutella.So I am prepared for all the possible scenarios.
9.Why is it so hard to find chives in Greece?
10.The response to the give away is amazing,it is so much fun to check on google docs.


  1. And now my chinchilla will give me the "told you so!" stare the whole night.....

    You crack me up!!! I LOVE these posts!!!!

  2. Pets are the best "new friend advisor". My two kitties make a wonderful alarm against insicere people! I even think that people who dislike animals for no reason are evil...

  3. Ah~ good tea and a jar of nutella would always help me feels lil better. Hope it all gets better for you hun :)

  4. We let people walk all over us just to not cause any quarrels and fights, yeah, I do that too. Not good, I agree.
    I hope your day wasn't very difficult, huggies!

  5. @ Dyna : Thanks doll,but a chinchilla really gives you different kind of evil stares.
    @ Violette : Yes that's what I will do too.There are enough judges (animals) in this household to decide.
    @Flecks : When there is tea and Nutella,the day is not a complete fail
    @Nat: Hun we must stop this!


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