Swirly Swirl Nail Art Design

Hi dolls,

Just now I was planning to have a bit of relaxation and then I remembered that my nails weren't finished yet.My nails were already painted in fuchsia color,which had chipped a bit.First I did a green french tip and then I applied some blue/purple duochrome,which is more of a top coat.So I went with a 'safe' pattern that I can almost draw with my eyes shut.Tried the new Lovie polish which is super pigmented,which I totally did not expect.The swirls are just one coat,so yay that is really a pleasant surprise.
Given the fact that this was a rather quick nail art session,I am happy with the result.What do you think?

Have a great Saturday :)


  1. Very pretty nail art! Love your creativity!

  2. Very nicely done! I'm impressed with your skills. I've tried swirls before with a tiny brush but mostly just make a mess (especially on the right hand). :) I need to talk my husband into doing it for me!

  3. Thanks Peach,
    Victorian,your hubby will be amused :)

  4. Very pigmented indeed! And I love the design!


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