Essence black & white duo eye pencil review

Hi dolls
Time for a review again :)

Packaging: The duo pencil comes in a black and white packaging with clear plastic caps.Unfortunately the plastic is very cheap quality and the print is already fading after 3 uses X_X.It contains  0.07 oz/2 g and you can use it for 24 months.

The product:With a very creamy consistency those pencils are nice for application,but due to the bad concept of packaging the white side broke off and I had to fix it by melting the bottom of the broken part.

My 2 cents: Without a doubt this product makes a great highlighter and eyeshadow base.I wouldn't recommend using either colors on the waterline,because you are gonna end up like a raccoon.But as a highlighter the white,shimmery side is fabulous for cheeks,inner corners,brow bone and the bridge of your nose.
The black side makes a great eyeshadow base.I am going to depot both.

-Great highlighter
-great eyeshadow base

-Doesn't stay on the waterline
-Poor packaging quality and concept
-a little bit too creamy.

Conclusion: I would never repurchase this product.A cheap shimmery eye pencil does exactly the same job.
Essence will always be my favorite make up company,but this pencil is a FAIL

What do you think about this product?Do you like it?



  1. Thanks for the honest review! Depotting sounds good since the packaging is useless. Btw, my local chinese store doesn't carry eye pencils, the ones I saw were lip pencils. :(

  2. Want me to send you some pencils?


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