Mini Haul and Halleluja

Hi dolls,

I had to run to the beauty shop because my essence nail oil,my foundation and my beloved goth white powder were done.
Foundation was out of stock,nail oil was out of stock and the nail art top coat was out of stock,but at the Beauty Line Cosmetics section I found a true treasure: Almost white facial powder with good pigmentation.Wooohooooooooo Halleluja *Oh what a happy day*
And since their blush is brilliant I just went for the powder,which turned out to be a greeeeat decision.
As for the nail oil....well I was looking at the essence quick shine nail care lotion for a while because I have heard that it works really well on the cuticles.This also turned out great,because the brush applicator is sooo convenient and it gets into the cuticles and the sides of the nail so well.

Sadly the essence nail art top coat was also out of stock,but I previously purchased the high shine top coat and I was quite happy,so I re-purchased it.

The trip to the beauty store was rather depressing,because I just can't stand that sales person.But I saved a lot of money.Instead of paying 15 euro for the gosh foundation,I ordered the essence mousse in matte ivory and saved 10 euro.
For the money I saved I bought a chew shoe thing for Kira.<3
The silly puppy was so thrilled about her new chew shoe that she carried it around all morning and then she hid it in a empty flower pot.


That's my mini haul.As soon as I get the foundation from essence (Thursday) I will review it.
I just hope it won't get any darker after applying it.

Huggies+chew toys


  1. Anonymous22:47

    das puder sieht toll aus! ich liebe helles puder!!

  2. Essence quick shine nail care lotion? I've never heard/seen it. Could you do a review for this too?

  3. @retro: Ja es ist auch der Hammmmmmmmer!
    @Nat: I will review it as soon as I used it for more than a week <3


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