Linguine with broccoli,beans and smoked sausage


Cooking sometimes can mean to work with what you have.You can't always have the best ingredients as a normal home-cook.
Especially when you had no time for grocery shopping the options may seem limited,but with a bit of creativity and craziness there is always a dish or two you can improvise.

You need:
2 portions of Linguine Pasta
2 hands full of frozen green beans
2 hands full of frozen broccoli
150 ml heavy cream
2 smoked sausages of your choice (sliced)
pepper salt nutmeg
olive oil

Because the sauce and the broccoli cook really quick,you can boil the pasta and the beans together.My Linguine took 12 min to cook and the beans took the same to be tender,so it is a perfect match.After 10 minutes of cooking time,add the broccoli
In a small saucepan quickly color the sliced sausage in a 1 tablespoon of olive oil.Add cream and season.Now mix the linguine with the sauce and enjoy

Extremely quick and yummy!

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