10 things of today

1.Anise tea is a great remedy for a sore throat/raspy voice
2.Stealing content or pictures from other people's blogs is not cool!
3.I have a brand new mixer (Can you imagine I was beating whipped cream and egg whites with my balloon whisk and elbow grease)
4.<3 my followers and readers! You are amazing !!!!!!Wish you all a happy,safe,healthy and joyful holiday season.
5.My pharmacist is such a sweet lady with so much knowledge.She saved my day!I can swallow again.Next step is speaking with a non Heavy Metal Voice.
6.Waiting in the car in front of the most popular bakery of our region was pure torment.The smell of traditional Greek spices,seeing mountains of Kourabiedes (Greek X-Mas cookies) was soo hard to resist.
But I resisted *phew*
7.A mountain of dishes is also waiting to be done :D
8.Why do people look weirdly,when a Goth Girl orders 2 packages of black latex free gloves?I actually use them for cooking/baking/handling chemicals.Maybe they think I butcher little children and eat their souls with chop sticks???
9.Thank God that stupid people,who lie in your face for their own gain,usually pwn themselves or get pwnt by some unknown fore in this universe.
10.Still wondering if that chicken nugget in my sandwich was really chicken.From the way it tasted I still think somebody fried his mother in law or killed a tofu :D Ewww never going to that place again.


  1. Pwwwwww kourabiedeeeees!ti les twra.aaaax aurio 8a ftia3w.
    na dokimaseis to siropi tou korre gia to laimo sou.emena me eswse.

  2. Kourabiedes einai to kati allo! Paw na dw gia to siropi.Euxaristw gia to Tip <3

  3. I have the same thing as you do! (maybe)
    i was sick and mangaed to lose my voice. I got it back, but i have the "heavy metal voice" that will crack into a little squeak after speaking two words^^
    Im going to need to try that tea

  4. Neo,that tea is really good.Drink it with plenty of honey.
    Hope u feel better soon :)

  5. Yay for a new mixer! A safe and happy holiday to you too! Its so nice when your pharmacist takes time to talk to you and offer suggestions to your problems! Good luck with the dishes!


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