White silver and gray smokey eye with a kick

Hi Lovies

Today I was actually going for a pin up look,but given the fact that I was still half asleep while doing my make up,I grabbed for the wrong colors.This is just a basic smokey eye with shimmery white,silver and a dark gray,blended together,smoked  out.
The 'kick' is the eyeliner wing.Instead of just doing a winged eyeliner,I placed a white line below the wing.
To my surprise it visually 'lifts' the eye and I was looking quite fresh although it was early in the morning.
I also tried out the pocket beauty lovely eyes mascara,which  is soo nice for clumsy people like me.With the tiny brush there is no way of messing up *wooohoo yay*
And given the fact that my lashes are heavy ,the curl is still there *double woohooooo yay*
It is so intense black which I adore <3
So once again thx Cosma and essence.

Huggies and <3



  1. This is an awesome look! I love how the white below the black liner makes it pop!


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