Spicy Fish Soup with Noodles

Hi Huns !

This soup is a really quick meal,easy to make and full of flavor.

You need:
2-3 fillets of any white fish you like ( I used blue shark),cut in chunks
1 liter fish stock
1 sachet of white miso paste
1/4 head cabbage (chopped coarsely)
2 carrots (sliced thinly)
1/2 red bell pepper (finely diced)
1/2 onion finely diced
pepper,salt,dried cilantro
2 portions of Chinese Noodles

Bring the fish stock to a boil and add the vegetables.Boil for 5-7 minutes,then add the noodles.Now add the miso paste and the fish.Simmer until fish and noodles are done and add some seasoning.




  1. I honestly hate fish, I just never liked the thing but that really looks yummy. You're really creative. You can be my cook of the day anytime hun haha:):) but no fish please. two thumbs up for more yummy posts :)

  2. You can always exchange fish stock with vegetable stock and the fish with chicken,tofu or vegetables.

    Thanks hun xox


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