Lipton Green Tea Lemon Melissa Review (Teaview)

Hi Darlings

I just had a huge fight with my computer.He won't see my D: Partition and this is where all my programs are.Hopefully this is just one of his usual hiccups that fix within a few days.

Let's have a cup of tea,shall we??
The Lipton Green Tea Lemon Melissa:
"When tender green tea leaves meet a lemony fruit-herb fusion,it's a match made in heaven.Young leaves,carefully dried for an incredible light,non-bitter taste and zesty lemon peel glorified by Melissa herb release a sumptuous pleasure thanks to our Pyramid (R) bags.One tasty marriage.
(Source: Package)

The package contains 20 bags,the tea has to be brewed with 90 degree Celsius warm water and it should be steeped for 2 minuted for a non-bitter,light taste.

So!Once you pour the water on the tea bags a very zesty,fresh cloud of lemon and green tea approach your nose.Very refreshing and once again a big "YUUUM" moment.When it steeps for 1 minute you can clearly smell the Melissa herb,which also has very bloomy lemony notes.

The tea tasted delicious and even my partner who is very particular about his tea,fell in love with it.
You can clearly taste the minty freshness of the green tea,and then it develops into lemonish goodness with the sweet,earthy taste of Melissa.
This tea gets perfect when steeped for 3 minutes,I wouldn't recommend more,otherwise the green tea would be too overpowering bitter.

I tried this baby with honey!OMG.
Usually I would never tell you guys:" Run to the store and buy this!" But in this case.....I will.
It is made to be enjoyed with honey!

Another important thing: The Lipton Green Tea Melissa is a good breakfast tea.It gives you a nice kick of energy and it is not heavy on the stomach at all.

There are 2 bags left......That's all I have to say (with panic in my eyes)

And happy tea time




  1. Mmmm....this tea sounds great! I was caught off guard by the "Melissa" name. I didn't realize there was a Melissa herb! :)

  2. Haha me too ^^ Melissa in Greek means bee.The benefits of melissa are interesting too!
    Thx for stopping by hun.


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