God ?

Hellu,or better Hallelujah !

As a child....still under the bad influence of Christianity ,I used to think that when the rays of sunlight were visible through a cloudy sky,God was doing his job.
And on the spot where the rays hit the ground,new plants would grow.

*Sigh* That was always so cool back then.

But some years later,thanks to education,I learned the truth.

The god as described by various Christian religions does not exist for me.
I believe in a good force and a bad force somewhere in this universe,but those two forces are somehow connected to the human soul.
We have a choice most of the times....two choices to be correct.Either good way or bad way.The good way is the hard way most of the times and of course the bad way is the easiest.

Lol,seriously! The idea of a somehow undefinable 'guy' somewhere in heaven who is the boss of the whole universe seems so weird to me.

If he is such a kind  forgiving being,then whyyyyyyyyyy does he let bad things happen to his sheep?

Because it is a test?

A trial?

No way man!

Yes there are trials and challenges in life,but most of the times they happen naturally.

A product of our behavior,actions,wishes,dreams,mistakes !!!!!!

Or a god who punishes people? Yay! All I can tell is that no heavenly wrath crushed me yet.

What do you think?Who is God?Does he have Facebook? If so,what is his first name?

I wonder if he plays farmville.




  1. Anonymous23:33

    ich seh das ähnlich. ich glaube auch nicht, dass da irgendwer ist, der mal eben mit dem finger wo hin zeigt und irgendwas bestimmt.

    denn wenn es doch diesen gott geben sollte, dann ist er ein totales ungerechtes arschl*ch in meinen augen. sorry, aber so seh ich das. es geschieht soviel unrecht auf der welt... ich verstehe nicht wie man unter den heutigen umständen "jemanden" huldigen kann, der sowas bestimmt oder toleriert oder was auch immer.

    ich werde für diese meinung oft dumm angeguckt, aber so seh ich das eben ;)

    ich glaube nur an glück und pech.

  2. Dumm angeguckt wird man immer,wenn man sowas aeussert.
    Genau das mit dem Unrecht ist doch auch mein Problem.
    Warum muss ein Tier leiden,um fuer eine Pelzjacke zu sterben?

    Warum laesst er es zu,wo er doch so toll ist........

  3. Lol "does God have a Facebook?" xD

    I don't believe in Hell, or any "Devil" or anything like that. And I believe in two Gods..A Mother God, and a Father God.


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