Futuristic electro Goth eye make up

Hello Hello Beauties!

I had the urge for some serious color today!And I experimented with eye make up stamping *LOL*.
For the look I used all matte eye shadows and a white base(nyx jumbo pencil in milk).White on the inner corners,bright turquoise in the middle of the lid,grass green on the outer corner and a lime green in the crease.
For those two funny connected dots I used a straw.(HUH?) Yes a straw....simply cut off a small piece,put some black eyeliner on it and stamp it!
The dots were filled with yellow and white eyeshadow and they were connected.
Of course I cannot live without some small dots and a dramatic cat eye :D

Iam currently testing out a new mascara,but I am soooo unhappy with it.It clumps,dries out my lashes,lumpy and it makes the lashes so heavy,that they loose their curl.

On the bottom lashline I used a metallic blue eye pencil.



  1. I wish I could do that!!!! But I'm horrible with eye-makeup, and I don't have that much room on my eyelids :( Sad.

  2. There is a way to do make up for every shape and size of eyelid :)

    If you want some tips,I'd be happy to help!
    Thank you for commenting

  3. Oh wow, this looks AWESOME!
    What a clever, creative idea! I might try it out sometime :)

  4. Thanks dear!
    This look is just the prototype.Experimenting with smaller straws would be fun :)

    And now that Halloween is coming it could be a great addition to a spacy costume :P

  5. I would never think to do something like use a straw, that is awesome!

    I just started following your blog cus I love makeup and chinchillas of course :3 I have two of my own.

  6. Thank you for commenting! Chinchillas are awesome !!

    Well as for the straw.....perfect circles are almost impossible to draw with a eyeliner brush. :D

    Have a great day!


Thank you for commenting,I love to read your comments dolls!

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