Homemade frozen skillet meal


There are a lot of occasions where a frozen skillet meal comes in handy.Especially when you are in a hurry or simply not able to cook something fresh,those frozen meals can save the day.
But they are quite expensive when you buy them in the store.5-6 bucks for 2 portions?No way.
So now it is unbelievably hot here and my kitchen literally turns into a burning hell when I use the stove or the oven.

This is just a vegetarian version of a frozen pasta meal.But you can always add meat or fish to it.

For spaghetti with mixed vegetables and mushrooms in a creamy sauce you need:
500 gr pasta of your choice
200 gr fresh button mushrooms (sliced)
200-300 gr mixed frozen veggies (I used oriental style veggies)
200 ml cream (I used vegan cream)
5 tablespoons freshly chopped parsley
2 tablespoons freshly chopped dill
pepper salt
garlic powder
olive oil
ziploc bags (freezer safe)

Boil your pasta and frozen vegetables according to the instructions and drain the water afterward.
In a saucepan quickly saute the mushrooms with some olive oil,pepper,salt and garlic powder.
In a large pot,mix the cream and the herbs,bring to a boil and season well.
Now put the pasta,the veggies and the mushrooms in the cream and mix well.
Let the whole pot cool down a bit.
Now take your ziploc bags and fill one portion into the ziploc bag and before closing it,flatten the content of the bag,so it will be more easy to handle later.
Close the ziploc bag and freeze.
You can either thaw your homemade skillet meal in a saucepan or in the microwave.

I made 7 portions and each portion costs about 1,20 Euro.
The frozen skillet meal on the picture doesn't look that pretty,but at least I know every single ingredient and I know that it is healthy.!!!!!!And to spice it up,I added some tomato and spring onion on top.

And you can do that with every pasta,every vegetable,every sauce and every meat of your choice.
This frozen skillet meal saved my day,because I would probably have melted in the kitchen.


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