Fish soup Asian style


This soup is easy,healthy and just sooo yummy.It can be done in 1000000 different ways.I don't claim this is authentic Asian food,it happens to have a lot of Asian ingredients .

You need:
2 liters fish stock
1 small sweet potato (diced)
2 carrots (diced)
1 spring onion (diced)
1 mug frozen mixed veggies (I chose Asian veggies)
3 blue shark fillets or cat fish fillets (cut into chunks)
a few cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
2 sachets red miso soup paste
5 tablespoons thai basil (chopped)
5 tablespoons parsley (chopped)
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar or sake
3 tablespoons soy sauce
a hand full of noodles 
3 tablespoons sesame seed oil.
1/2 teaspoon chilly powder
pepper salt

Bring the fish stock to a boil and add all ingredients except from the noodles.Simmer at medium heat for 30 min-45 min.If the stock evaporates too quickly,add some water and season if needed.
The advantage of blue shark is,that it kinda dissolves which gives a wonderful texture to the soup..
At the end add the noodles and boil them for 2-3 min.

Done :)

I really enjoyed this soup and I ate two bowls of it.


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