Colorful silver eye make up

I had a really hard time to take a picture of this make up.Either I had to look in the sun to make the silver show up or I had to do funny things with my hands and face to get rid of the shadow that the camera casts on my face.
This make up is a bit over the top,colorful and happy.

You need :
Eyeshadow base
silver eyeshadow with shimmer/glitter
green eyeshadow
hot pink eyeshadow
dark blue/black eyeshadow
liquid eyeliner

Apply the eyeshadow base and apply the silver all over your lid.
Apply the green on the outer half of your eyelid
Apply dark blue on the outer V and bring it up to the crease
Apply hot pink on the edges of the dark blue and blend blend blend.
Line your eyes with eyeliner,add a wing to the liquid liner if you want and add mascara.

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