Some thoughts about how we treat animals.

What is going on with some people?

A lot of people want pets,because they are cute,fluffy,cuddly and so on and so forth.
But is that the right reason to buy an animal? No I don' think so.

Buying an animal is a huge responsibility.Sure,they are cute and they are all this and that,but when it comes to chewed furniture,stained carpets and a little extra work,people tend to give "it" (the poor animal) away.

I am a chinchilla owner and I could not imagine my life without those fluff balls,but the fact that they are rodents and the fact that they are exotic animals make them very very special in so many ways.

They need special food :
Quality pellets,quality hay,chews and wood.

They need special cages : The cage has to be quite big,it needs wood ledges and platforms,wooden hide outs,pillows,chin chillers and so on.But the wood has to be kiln dried.

They need special dust baths:
In order to keep that fancy fur in a great shape,they need chinchilla dust.Not sand!-Dust!

They need a special vet :
Not all vets know about chinchillas.So the exotics vet is the right place to go.
Chinchillas are masters of hiding illness.

They need special playtime:
You can't just let a chinchilla run free in any room.The room has to be chin-proof.
So all sources of danger (cables,wires,chemicals,candles) have to be secured or removed.Because those little buggers will chew anything: Furniture,walls,base boards,remote controls,cell phones,pillows,couches etc.
You get the idea....

And most people don't realize that before they buy a chinchilla.
Chins hate to cuddle or to be held for long time.
They hate noises during their daytime sleep.
And they hate being alone.
They are very social animals that spend a lot of time cuddling and grooming each other.

So people,before you buy one of those cute fellows from the pet shop,please think about the responsibility,the work,the ruined carpets and the vet bills.


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