Let's talk make up!


Every girl has her make up secrets.And gothics have even bigger make up secrets.Mwhaaa

Well it's not that simple.
I refuse to wear make up that is tested on animals.And I refuse to use make up that has animal byproducts.So there is not much make up left that I can choose from.
All the make up you can find in gothic shops has only very little information about animal testing,so I won't use it.
So how in the world can I achieve this pale death like skin?
The answer is sooooo easy! Baby powder.
But pure baby powder won't work.
I mixed some moisturizer 1:1 with baby powder and a 2-3 drops of liquid concealer.
Let your miracle foundation sit/rest one day before you use it.
Apply it with a foundation brush.Softly tap it on your skin.
Tataaaaaa! A perfect pale,matte,full-coverage result!

I won't buy any more foundation thanks to this discovery!
It's just so light and it doesn't have this sticky/heavy feeling to it.

(I don't take any responsibility for rashes,allergies or any unwanted skin reactions!!!)



  1. moar secrets please :o

  2. Anonymous18:17

    I wish I could do this. Most baby powder makes me itchy. :(

  3. Matt white eyeshadow will also work just fine :)

  4. Have you ever heard about nyx and elf products? they're super cheap and against animal testing. Most of my stuff is from their line.

    I buy nyx stuff from an ebay seller

    and I buy elfcosmetics on the uk site: http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/index.htm

    Just saying. they're against animal testing and the prices are super cheap for their quality. You can check out my reviews on my blog as well on both companies..

  5. Hi Dyna.
    err I commented on your Elf pro foundation brush review,that I also own it.Elf and Nyx have a few great products,but I prefer buying in actual shops.
    Thx for the info though:D

  6. Oh yess I remember now. Ok. I had a blog fail. haha. sorry :) I get what you said about buying in shops. Sometimes it's better to see products beforehand. But believe it or not I am an online shopping person and my paypal account is yelling at me right now lol. So I tend to buy stuff online :) If you know any companies against animal testing companies please let us know in your posts. :):)

  7. Well,usually when I buy online I buy only the stuff that I know 100%.I recently had bought some ardell lashes and it was nice,but I wouldn't do that again.For cruelty free make up visit:

  8. wow thank you, the link is very helpful :)xx

  9. <3 cruelty free! thx for stopping by


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