Easy Fade effect gradient nail art design

Hi dolls,

I needed a fresh mani Saturday night,because Sunday there was a lunch and a chipped alien manicure would not have been good.
Because it was already late I went for a simple purple and gunmetal fade effect with some glitters.

It's nothing too special,but I like it.
The essence glitter polish could be better,because it is hard to manage the glitters and some are deformed,so they may create some bumps.
I am quite happy with the result given the fact that it took me 20 minutes.
Tomorrow I might add something fun to this mani,because I really love to look at funny nail art.

Once again,I am sorry I didn't post as regularly as I usually would do.But it is a bit hectic at the moment.
 Hope you lovely people can understand that =)

One thing is for sure: Tomorrow I shall be marching into the supermarket to buy proper ingredients for healthy food and some sweeets.
Don't care if it will be storming or snowing.....
Need vegetables (Only carrots left *pffff*)
It rarely happens that I run out of basic stuff like flour,sugar or eggs and maybe once every 5 years I run out of tea and chocolate.And it happened!

That day should have been banned.

Haha it was not that dramatic,but I felt a certain kind of fear.



  1. Anonymous19:48

    sieht total genial aus, wie haste das gemacht? schwammtechnik oder wie?!

  2. Panta ithela na to kanw auto ^^ Looks so nice!!!

  3. Einai poly easy!
    Thx koukla


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