10 things

1.This week is probably one of the worst weeks ever work-wise.So many new things I have to learn.
But learning is always a good thing.
2.Sadly this week also made me realize one big thing: There are bad people....pure evil.And dealing with them can be a pain,but ignoring them seems to be the best way out.
3.Is it bad to really LOL at a stranger trying to make a fire in order to burn pieces of old metal???
Well I couldn't help it,but it was soooo funny.He tried to burn metal with a little barbecue sized fire,and when he realized that the metal won't burn,he put out the fire.
Now that was a real highlight.......
4.I am soooooo sooo sooo hungry.No cooking today...A fastfood place will do the job
5.Why does everybody hate the essence nail art top coat? I used about 10 (?) bottles of it and I am always very satisfied.....
6.Don't wanna sound like a whiny,mopey goth,but I just wanna crawl in my bed,put a blanket over my head and not leave my bed until the week is over.Why does all the bad stuff happen at once?
To make things worse,I am out of chocolate.
7.This morning I came across a weird kind of wild thyme.It smells 10x stronger than the normal wild thyme,but it has also some citrus-y scent to it.Took a little piece with me to make a proper research.
8.Seeing Uggs for the first time in real life was so weird.Nice boots,but what's the hype?
9.Big Shout out to my lovely readers and followers <3 <3
10.Today I plan on going to bed really early.

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  1. Sounds like lemon thyme!!! I LOVE that stuff :) Also *hugs* for the crappy week, we all hate those!


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