Snow Man Nail Art Design for short nails

Hi dolls,

It is officially winter,so we gotta adjust our manicure.This time of the year you can wear glitter in all colors,apply as many nail art decorations as possible and not feel that the mani is too much.
The snow mans can be easily done.Apply a glittery background color of your choice and with a white nail polish draw a bit snow on the bottom of your nail.
With a dotting tool or a detail brush you can draw little circles and fill them in.Also place some random snowflakes so our snow man buddy won't feel alone.
In order to draw eyes,arms and top hat,you have to use a thin nail art brush and some black polish or black acrylic paint.If you want,you also can give him some buttons on the snowy body (black tiny dots).
Because my shape was a bit messy,I drew a thin light blue curved line to give him more of a '3-snowball-body'.
A tiny orange stripe will be his carrot nose :D

No top coat applied yet,because high shine+glitter=bad photo

Ho Ho Huggies


  1. Voll hübsch! Ich hätte nicht genug Geduld dafür, höchstens für einen pro Hand^^ Vielleicht versuch ichs mal am Daumen (meine anderen Finger sind viel zu mini ^^)

  2. Einen Versuch ist's wert! Mit nem ausgedienten Kugelschreiber kannst du das recht schnell 'draufmalen'/tupfen.
    Viel Glueck!

  3. That's so cute!
    It kinda sucks that I absolutely fail at nail art, otherwise I'd definitely try this one too! :)

  4. Thank you so much Morrigan!
    Have a great day!!!


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