Pink Lust (7 Deadly sins)

Hi dolls

How are you all doing?
Have a great weekend!

Today's deadly sin is lust and what color would be more perfect than luscious pink ?!
 I decided to do a cut crease this time and a smoked out brow bone.
Apply the pink all over the lid with a white base and place some purple in the crease.Over the purple,apply a black or dark gray eyeshadow.Blend purple and black together and smoke it out with a shimmery silver or white.Also outline the inner part of your make up with a shimmer color to make it look more fancy and well-contoured.
Smudge some gray and silver on the lower lashline.Line your eyes with the most intense black liquid liner you have.The eyeliner art is optional of course.I used the same pink eyeshadow to contour the eyeliner art.Then apply 2-3 coats of mascara.

What colors do you think about ,when you think of lust?

(It's a pity lust is considered a sin :D )


  1. I am lusting after this look! Love the pink on the lid and the cut crease! The detail of the eyeliner art is awesome!

  2. Thank you so much Peach!


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