10 Things from today

1.Computer is fixed thanks to the genius AgamemnonTR who had the patience to guide me through the process of entering the Registry and deleting the faulty entry.Yay!
2.Had a Cesar's Salad today from Mc Donalds,it was actually very yummy and I am still alive.(The last time I had Mc'd my cheese burger made me really sick.a)
3.Bought acrylic colors for nail art! Hope I bought the right ones though....water based,non toxic....
4.Just drank the most epic mandarin orange drink.Loux <3
5.Supermarket was full of weird people and smelly people.Beer+ Sweat smell =me almost fainting.(Thank god I had a small perfume wipe with me)
6.Why does the word "dewy finish " haunt me? Youtube gurus,make up blogs,.....this word is everywhere.
7.Little Girls singing :" Like a G-String" instead of G6 made me LOL so hard.I almost spilled my mandarin orange drink.
8.Picked fresh herbs from the Garden today,now the whole house smells amazing
9.So confused today.......Where am I? What is my name? What time is it? Did I forget anything important?
10.Leaving your house with slippers instead of shoes is the first sign,that you are gonna loose it.(I am loosing it I guess)


  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one losing it these days! :) Too funny about the girls singing "Like a G-String"! I'm glad I don't watch youtube "gurus," I'd get tired of hearing about "dewy finish."

  2. Maybe they put something in the air that turns us into headless chicken???
    I will ban the word dewy from my vocabulary from this day on.

    Thanks for stopping by hun,it is always a pleasure to 'hear' from you <3


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