Oktoberfest and blah blah

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So the Oktoberfest food was a success.2 Bretzel buns were left at the end,which means they were yummy.The beer was bad bad bad (5 liter barrel Weissbier ) because either the brand was bad or the barrel wasn't opened properly.

But not getting drunk was a better choice after all.
So here is a pic of the 'grand buffet'
-Greek sausages
-Bratwurst sausage
-Vienna type sausages
-some Schinkenwurst
-Greek chese
-Cheeddar cheese
-Cream cheese
All those goodies served on a Christmas platter :D

-Brezel buns
-Tomato Mozzarella salad
-sweet mustard (oh I missed that stuff )
-normal mustard

Let's start with the blah blah.

Point 1. : Greece vs Turkey
Well well well.I am not going to publish any comment that says bad things about Greece or any other country.If the Greek people and the Turkish people don't like each other,that's ok.But my Blog is certainly not the right place to express hateful feelings or to be a racist.

Point 2.: Beggars
Some younger kids/teenagers apparently think that they could beg for make up."Pliz send me make up."
Since all the emails were in Greek language I will answer in Greek:
" Den eimai o agios Vassilis!"(I am not Santa clause)

Point 3.: Viagra
Sorry dear companies that sell Viagra,I am not interested in advertising,reviewing or taking Viagra.
I am female and I am not physically able to review Viagra.

Point 4.: Today
Today is one of those lazy days,where I simply can't get myself to do something useful.I managed to buy pet supplies and a sandwich which will be my breakfast,lunch and dinner.
That did not go as I planned.The evil Sandwich Lady here apparently forgot half of the things I wanted to have in my Sandwich.

Yeah great!Why is the best sandwich place in the whole wide world so far away?
Why does this town not have a good fast food place?We have a lot ff places,but they all suck.

I will eat an apple now and drink a cup of black tea with peach/mango flavor.With milk and whipped cream!

And maybe after I'll do some chores.

Dear Followers and Readers!!!!
I have the urge to hug you all!
<3 Feel hugged

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