Haul III

Hi Dolls,

The beauty store was clearing old essence products and that was really cool,because I loved the sos nail savers repair and care serum so much.And it was discontinued.So I was really surprised to see those again and I took 4 bottles with me.They were up for 95 cent,so that was more than a great deal.
The serum is such a great base coat because it evens out the color of the nail.
On the normal essence shelf the little color and go (38 choose me!) was looking for a new home.Can't resist teal-blue with glitter......
And because I love the essence gel eye liner from the Denim wanted trend edition,I purchased a second one,which will remain unopened until  I have gone through the first one.It makes such a great black base and it is one of the few products that actually stay on my water line.
I also took a clear nail polish from beauty line cosmetics,a nail art pen/brush in black and a golden fine glitter polish.Surprisingly the clear nail polish makes a great top coat,which was really unexpected.I was going for the sealing top coat from essence,but it was sold out.And because I ran out completely I took the clear one from Beauty Line cosmetics.Dries fast,shiny,thin texture,doesn't smudge nail art and no chipping yet from the day I uploaded the penguin nail art.

I am currently testing the pocket beauty lipgloss,which I really like although it is sticky.But it stays long for a lipgloss.


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